Google Home now Supports Multiple Accounts with Voice Recognition

Now, Google Home is heating up the websites which have been trained to identify the different voices of people you are living with. Google has announced that its smart speaker can support up to six different accounts on the same device. With the benefit of multi-user support means that Google Home will tailor its answers for each person according to the requirement. Thus, you don’t have to hear someone else’s calendar appointments.

So how Google does do that??

Well, making things easier than what Google has always worked upon; besides Google is using neural networks to identify who’s who. For instance:  if we say OK Google and Hey Google two times each. These two phrases are then analyzed by a neural network which detects certain characteristics of a person’s voice. From that moment whenever you will say OK Google or Hey Google to your Google Home, the neural network will compare the sound of your voice to its previous analysis. This will even make it easier so that we can understand if you are speaking or not. Besides, this comparison will occur in a matter of milliseconds.

Well, this feature looks somewhat critical but talking about its functional area; then it proves to be a boon for your entire household. The Google Home cannot separate a single human’s personal and work accounts. Apart from this, there is news that since the company is using voice recognition for separating accounts so you can separate user for your work calendar and later ask the device to switch it over.  Multi-user support is rolling out in the United States and it will expand to UK over the coming weeks. The only thing you need to have is to upgrade your Google Home app to latest built.