GoPro Editing Tips And Tricks To Create Perfect Videos

Are you looking to add more effects to your GoPro videos? Your video clips can turn more amazing by adding brilliant effects to it. You can create and give tremendous effects to the captured footage with excellent GoPro editing tips. Here are some tricks that you can try out. If you’re looking to get back GoPro files after deletion or loss then you can try GoPro file recovery.

Trim the clip

The captured video might have a long play time duration and you want only certain part of it.  Say, your video is about 10 minutes long and you want to only a part that plays for about 2 minutes. For this, you can simply trim the video, moreover, you can get GoPro app on your phone and make editing task handier. While watching the video you can click on the scissor icon and you can cut the clip. It also lets you slide through the video frame and choose the portions of it.


If you have a lengthy video, then you can go ahead to scrub it, this can give action effects. With scrubbing technique, you can turn boring videos to an effective footage. Instead of that, you drag the timeline, a prolonged press can extend the time marker; hereby you can scroll the seconds. After scrubbing, don’t forget to save the added effect.


By setting your GoPro to stills mode you can enhance the video. As you open your captured video with the GoPro app, tap on the picture frame-like icon to add high-resolution stills to your footage.

Preview songs

Adding soundtracks to your video edits can have a great influence on the resultant video. You can add multiple sound clips to your footage in the GoPro app. But you should be good enough to choose right music track, matching the video that you edit.


You can easily highlight the tags within a button push. Hence, you can mark on the portion of the video so that you can come back and look at it. This can be useful when you are doing some creative video stuff.