How to Backup Outlook Emails

Are you thinking of moving Outlook email to another email account:

Let’s take an example if you want to transfer old Gmail account to new Office 365 email account. If you are using Outlook on your desktop, you can add both the accounts to your Outlook. You need to wait for a while unless and until all the email to show up. Later, you can use .PST file and import the .PST file to your Office 365 account

If in case you are moving from one PC to another PC:

If you are planning to move your email from one computer with Outlook to another computer comprising of already installed Outlook application then you need to take backup of email, contacts, calendar items from your present Outlook account so as to transfer them accordingly onto other PC in a secure manner

Are you planning to move from PC to Macintosh?

You need to take backup of Outlook PST file if you are moving email from Outlook on a PC and then planning to import Outlook i.e. Outlook 2016 on a Mac. Just keep in mind that Outlooks exports emails and it includes all the attachments to those emails. But it doesn’t export the meta-data such as views, permissions, settings, messages rules and so on.

Thinking about periodic backups?

Well, if you are thinking that you can take periodic backup of everything then you are quoting it wrong. Since this feature is actually not provided by Outlook. Once you are done creating your .PST file, copy it to the safe location such as storage medium, or another hard drive or cloud storage etc. The feature of Auto archive will backup old items and moves them as and when it is required.

If you are unable to do the Outlook backup process then you can take Outlook backup and migrate software which will help you in the right way. Among the list of Outlook Backup software, Remo Recover software will easily recover PST file and provides you with customized operations which ease the backup process. You can use this tool for migrating from older to higher Outlook version as well as the migration of Outlook profiles in a quicker manner.