How to Recover Formatted External Hard Drive on Mac

You can recover your formatted hard drive data easily using Remo Recover Mac software.

You connect your hard drive to Mac system. The system prompts you “Do you want to format the hard drive before use?” You accidentally click yes and the entire data is deleted.

If this situation has happened to you or you formatted your hard disk without taking a proper backup, do not worry. You can still recover all your formatted data if you do not overwrite your hard disk with new files. Note that once files are deleted or formatted from hard disk, only the directories containing information about the file such as file name, file size are removed. The actual contents of the files are still intact. If you add new files, these files will get overwritten and data recovery process is not possible.

Data recovery using Remo Recover Mac

Remo Recover Mac software provides a simple solution on how to recover data from a formatted external hard drive on Mac.

The software has two built-in volume scanning engines to scan the entire drive for deleted files, lost files, formatted or re-formatted data.

Remo Recover data recovery software enables you to restore data from lost, deleted, formatted, and re-formatted partitions or volumes as well. You can restore data from FAT, exFAT, HFS+, and HFSX formatted Mac volumes.

The formatted hard disk recovery is possible on all versions of Mac Operating systems.

Remo Recover Mac recovers several file types based on their unique signatures. If the file type you are looking for isn’t present, you can add it using raw signature search option.

Once the recovery process is complete, you can preview the files using Preview option. Only when you are content with all the files that have been recovered, you can save it to a destination folder of your choice.

The software can recover data from USB drives as well. The user interface of the software is extremely simple and you can recover formatted USB drive with ease.

Just download the software and follow some simple on-screen instructions to restore all your formatted data with ease!