How to Restore Files Erased using Command Prompt?

Command prompt is an inbuilt utility which is available on Windows and other operating systems. Most of the users are not well-versed with command prompt but the users who know how to use command prompt will get used to it. Using command prompt involves utilizing some set of commands in order to execute certain action. However in earlier days computer users were dependent on command prompt but gradually after the introduction of graphics and interfaces the use of command prompt reduced.

Users who are familiar with the command prompt may have been well versed with the fact that the files deleted using command prompt will not get stored in recycle bin and it gets deleted permanently. And when a file gets deleted the job of recovering the deleted file using Windows OS is not possible, however it is possible with the help of data recovery tools.

Note: Be careful of the data recovery tools which are untrusted, as you may get abundant number of tools over internet which can be fraudulent. If you become victim of these untrusted tools then probably you will lose some of your important data from your computer.

Other forms of losing data from your computer

Execution of single command on command prompt can make the file deletion happen on your computer therefore before executing any command make sure you have entered the correct command. At times users who are new to command prompt will execute inappropriate commands due to which there are chances of computer getting malfunctioned.

Apart from deletion of file from command prompt usage there are chances that the file can get deleted or lost from computer due to human error. Consider that you were in hurry and wanted to delete some unwanted files in bunch; you selected some files and didn’t bother to see whether you have selected the right file. In these kinds of situations there are chances that you may select a file that was important to you.

If you have deleted any of your important file and determined to retrieve files deleted by command prompt then make use of Remo Recover tool which can effectively restore all your deleted files without any difficulty.

Abilities of Remo Recover Software     

  • With the help of Remo Recover application you can efficiently retrieve files such as video file, songs, images, system files and many other files which comprise of 300 files
  • It can not only recover data from internal hard drive but also recovers data from various other storage media such as flash drive, external hard disk, memory cards (SD, XD, CF, MMC, memory stick etc.), iPods and many others
  • Has the ability of recovering files from various types of hard disk such as SATA, SCSI, SSD, PATA and others
  • After recovery of data the software allows you to have preview on the recovered files so that you can store it in desired location
  • Preview option is available in demo version of this application but you are not allowed to save the file on your computer. This option helps the users know about the ability of software before purchasing it
  • Once recovery is successful then user is allowed to save the recovered data onto CD / DVD or to any other accessible location on host computer
  • Can be installed on various operating systems of Windows computers such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
  • While performing recovery if you intend to stop the process then you can make use of “Save Recovery Session” option. Using this you can save the recovery related info which can be helpful for you to resume the recovery session when you find yourself free


Virus can malfunction your computer due to which there can be data loss and the major source of virus is internet and external storage devices thus to avoid virus intrusion in your computer make use of an effective anti-virus software which can safeguard your computer from harmful viruses. Backup can at times make your work easier, consider you deleted or lost a specific file from your computer. Then by using backup files you can restore it back and moreover there will be no requirement of recovery