How to use the Unallocated Disk Space on Windows 10

So if you are planning to utilize unallocated disk space you can create a new volume in three ways:

Simple: If you need to shrink the volume to create a new logical drive such as new drive F then you can make use of this option

Spanned: In the case of spanned volume, two or more unallocated volumes can be combined which is done on separate physical hard drives. The new drive will combine all the available spaces of various unallocated volumes to a single volume

Striped: This can be useful if you want to spread information between multiple disks. For this reason, you need two or more unallocated chunks of disk space in order to set up for striped volume.

In order to allocate the unallocated space as a usable hard drive in Windows, go through these steps:

Just open the Disk Management console

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open The Administrative Tools window

If you are working on Windows 7 then select System and Security, later you need to select Administrative Tools

If you are using Windows Vista then chose System and Maintenance and then Administrative Tools

For Windows XP, you can directly open Administrative Tools icon

Go to Computer Management icon

  • Select the Disk Management

Right click the unallocated volume

You need to choose new simple volume from the shortcut menu. This will generate new simple volume wizard

Click on Next button

Now you can set the desired size of the new volume with the help of Simple Volume Size in MB

Basically, the size is preset to the entire disk capacity which is recommended. If in case, the required size in smaller then remaining space on the drive won’t be allocated.

Click on Next button

Windows allows you to assign drive letter for the new volume (it depends on how you fill the wizard)

Click on Next button, and make sure that Format This Volume with the following settings has been chosen

Click on Next button and click on Finish button so as to create a volume

Basically, Disk Management is a tool in Windows 10 which is used for deleting/creating / format partition. If in case, there is unallocated space which is next to the partition and you are planning to add that space then right-click the partition and choose Extended Volume. Sometimes, you may fail to use the unallocated disk space and come across data loss scenarios. You want to recover data from unallocated drive then you can take the assistance of partition software which will guide you through handy steps.