Know How to Recover Data From Virus Infected Pen Drive?

The viruses are one of the harmful programs that do nasty things. Starting from computer hard drives till memory card and USB drives, the virus can have a really bad impact on the data present in it. The USB pen drives are one of the storage devices that is commonly threatened with the virus.

It is not a big deal to get rid of this malicious program from the drive. Unless you do not have a proper backup of files residing in the storage media. It is also the case when you do not have any essential data on your drive.

Whilst, on the other hand, one might not have a copy of the vital files on the drive. Moreover, the virus could encounter all of a sudden without any clue. Under such circumstances, the severity of virus on the flash drive could deny access to any of the files present in it.  With virus threat on the drive, one may even find

– the files in an unreadable format

– files are hidden or lost

– modified filenames

This indeed sounds quite challenging to carefully revive data from the pen drive storage. The infected drive has to be carefully approached in order to avoid any permanent data loss.

Furthermore, any attempts to view the drive files would prompt you to format the drive. There are many instances where many users proceeded with format operation and lost the files. However, now you don’t have to go anywhere and perform any hefty operations so as to rescue your precious data. You can simply learn here a smart yet simple technique to perform a safe data recovery from virus infected pen drive:

How to bring back files safely from a pen drive infected with the virus?

Remo Recover is an ultimate tool that will work like wonders in completely restoring the drive files that is virus infected. It is designed with robust algorithms that scan the storage drive and fetches the data from it. Assuredly, you can get back all your files safe and sound; without any modifications in the source data.

Simple steps to restore pen drive data:

#1. Download the Remo Recover software on your Windows PC

#2. Install the tool and connect the virus infected USB pen drive to the computer

#3. Select Recover Files option that is present over the main screen

#4. Continue to select the connected pen drive from where data has to be restored

#5. The tool then begins to scan your drive and avails files for preview

#6. Up next you can simply save all recovered files from the drive to a destined location

Note: Do not proceed to save the retrieved files on the same infected USB drive (until the virus is been removed from it)

More info about Remo Recover-

  • It also supports data recovery from multiple storage devices as: internal/external HD. Camera cards, xD, memory cards etc.
  • Flexibly runs on all latest versions of Windows OS (Remo Recover is also available for Mac OSX)
  • It’s a read-only tool and thus will avoid exposure of data to any of the sources

To get rid of the virus –

Solution 1: Install a trustworthy antivirus utility and scan the infected drive

Solution 2: You can also try Windows CMD utility to recover a virus infected USB pen drive. For this, you need to press Windows key + R and type cmd (open the Windows Command prompt). You are supposed to note down the drive letter of infected pen drive, for example, if it is G: then you need to run the command: ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:\*.* (replace G with the corresponding storage drive letter)