Restoring Deleted Sent Items in MS outlook

There are many a number of Outlook users who have deleted some or the other files in the MS Outlook application. It could be the PST data files or other folder items. The reason behind losing Outlook data files could be unintentional or accidental. Sometimes, you might send some email and delete it from the sent items folder. Later on, you realize that you have wiped some valuable or important file item from it.

It could seem rather disappointing when you are not able to access files that were mistakenly deleted. But wait, your deleted items is not gone anywhere. In fact, you got different ways through which you can get back the file or the folder deleted from Outlook email.

Way #1: From the Outlook Deleted Items Folder

  • Press over Windows Start button and choose All Programs. Click on Microsoft Outlook
  • On the window pane available on the left, click on Sent items TheOutlook’s sent items folder holds all the sent email items until they are been deleted. You can re-examine whether you have deleted the required email item or not
  • Now continue to click on the Deleted items directory. All the erased files in Outlook are found on this particular folder (Deleted items). The deleted items will be sorted in an order (by date). You can look for your deleted sent item in the list by specifying the email subject or the sender name
  • Once you find the required email in the Deleted items folder, right-click over it and choose the option Move to Folder
  • Pick a folder to restore the deleted email item and click on Ok button. The email will be then moved out of the Delete items folder

Way #2:  Using Remo Recover utility

If you are unable to retrieve deleted files from the sent items folder then you got another option. It is the Remo Recover application that one of the recommended solutions since times. You can securely recover deleted folder in Outlook email on Windows system. Given here are the steps to make use of Remo Outlook file or folder recovery software-

  • Download and launch the Remo Recover program on your Windows PC
  • Click either of Open PST File or File PST file that is available over the home screen
  • Input the folder location of Outlook program that is installed on your computer
  • Choose a scan method and preview the files that are recovered
  • Continue to save the restored sent items file in a suitable location