Simple Method to Recover Deleted or Lost File

This article will guide you for restoring files that have been either lost or deleted due to unpredictable circumstances. Before proceeding further, it is recommended to do the following:

Check Recycle Bin: If you delete any file or folder it will directly go to Recycle Bin, from there you simply have to right click on Restore option and that particular files or folder will be restored automatically

Checking Backup Copy: If you have deleted or lost any of your important files, make sure that you cross check with your backup copy

After checking and cross verifying with the above-mentioned options; still, you are not able to restore your deleted files then you don’t have to worry because there is an option of file retrieval with the help of Remo Recover utility within few steps.

About Remo Recover Software

Remo Recover software is capable of restoring data from computer regardless of the data loss situations. It is having built in algorithms that will scan every sector of your system drive and make sure that your lost or deleted files or folders are recovered.

Apart from this, it will also help in recovering files that are deleted using Shift + Delete combinational keys because files will get bypassed from Recycle Bin. Even after bypassing it from Recycle Bin, those files can be recovered with this application.

Furthermore, this program comes in handy for deleted/lost data recovery from numerous external storage devices which includes memory cards, iPods, USB drives, Fire Wire Drives etc. The recovered files from these external devices can be viewed with the help of Preview Option. After you view your recovered files, you can even compress those recovered files into ZIP archive in order to save them to the desired location.

Other advantages of Remo Recover:

GUI: Remo Recover application is having simple user interface that helps in better usage for technical as well as novice users

Technical Support: There is a provision of 24×7 technical assistance which helps in proper implementation of the software product

Save Recovery Session: The Save Recovery Session feature has the capability to save scanning time

Supported scenarios by Remo Recover software restoring files which are lost/deleted:

Interruptions during Data Transfer: While you are transferring files to your system from any external storage and if there are sudden power failure or the system gets shut down abruptly then there are chances of data loss

Deleting files without knowing: It is possible to recover file as well as folders that are deleted because of shift + delete keys / using command prompt which results in permanent deletion

Performing Format Operation: Sometimes, it may happen that you can unknowingly format the drives consisting of your important files but actually, you need to delete the files that are no longer needed

Logical Errors: Whenever the file system of hard drive is corrupted, it will make the drive inaccessible due to which you cannot access the data from it; thus resulting in data loss situations